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Women's Cut $60

Women's Cut Long $65

Men's Cut $40

Bang Trim, Complimentary


Partial Highlight $100

Full Highlight $150

Accent Foil $50

Root Retouch $80

All Over Color $95

All Over Color Long $100

Toner $45

Mini Root Retouch $40

Specialty Color

Accent Balayage $70

Balayage, Half Head $105

Balayage, Full Head $160

Babylights, Half head $140

Babylights, Full Head $190

Color Melt $130

Color Wash $65

Bleach and Tone $200

Color Correction, Based on Consult

$90-100 per hour

Treatments and Styling 

Malibu Makeover $60

Olapex Color Add-on $15

Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment $60

Protein Mask $10

Hydrating Mask $10

Shampoo and Blowdry $40

*Please note that all prices are a starting point and may be subject to change depending on time spent and amount of product used.  

**All New color clients are required to come in for a complimentary, in-salon consultation prior to scheduling the first color service.  This will allow us to make sure we know exactly what service(s) to schedule, as well as the correct amount of time we will need.  The last thing that either of us want would be to run out of time in the middle of a service! (What a NIGHTMARE, right??!)

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