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Policies and Procedures


A notice of 24 hours is required to reschedule appointments.  Any appointments cancelled within a 24 hour window will be subject to a rebooking fee of 50%.  This helps to fill any gaps that may be left in the day with clients that are currently on a waiting list.  As a mom of two, I totally understand that sometimes life happens and it is out of your control.  Discretion will be used with each individual circumstance and your understanding is fully appreciated!


All no-shows will be subject to a rebooking fee of 50% of the original service.


Late appointments 

I get it, sometimes traffic STINKS.  But an appointment is an appointment, and chances are there is an appointment directly behind yours.  If you are 10-15 minutes late, I will do my best to accommodate our original appointment, if time allows, but reserve the right to cut it short if it cuts into another clients time.  Being punctual is a very important part of my business and your understanding is full appreciated! 


Ugh, what stylist likes to even say the dreaded "R" word? (None of us!)  But, hey, although most of the time we are straight up magical Genie's, we ARE human and we understand that occasionally a cut or color might need a slight adjustment.   

Should you feel your hair needs to be adjusted, please call within 7 days of your original appointment.  Any needed adjustment will be happily made, within reason.  It must be in line with our original consultation.  A "change of heart", if you will, will be charged full price.  


While I love children, the salon can be a very dangerous place for little kids.  Chemicals, such as bleach, and sharp scissors don't go very well with rambunctious toddlers.  As well, the salon should be a place for you to feel relaxed and pampered, so please use the utmost discretion when deciding to bring children to your appointment.  

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